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Top Trends That Will Impact Infrastructure Management in 2021

Predicting technology trends is difficult, especially after a year in which the world changed in unexpected ways. In 2020, a typical year, circumstances accelerated years of the digital revolution in a matter of months, having a dramatic and long-term influence on how we live and work. COVID-19 has accelerated digital adoption in all businesses and […]

The future of data centers in a post-covid-19 world

The world hasn’t seen a public health crisis as severe as the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, which resulted in massive economic and social disruption. The virus’s suppression efforts have nearly brought the world economy to a halt, affecting many elements of people’s and businesses’ daily lives. The pandemic has surely accelerated digital transformation. Even after […]

4 Reasons Why The Cloud Is Environmentally Friendly

As discussed in our last blog on carbon footprint, many organizations are actively working to minimize their overall environmental impacts; one frequently overlooked subject is cloud computing’s positive impact. Moving to the private cloud may be the greenest choice you can make as more providers invest in large-scale and effective green initiatives. A recent IDC […]

What Is Hybrid Cloud Computing? And What Are Its Benefits?

The hybrid cloud is an IT architecture that combines some degree of portability, orchestration, and workload management through two or more environments. As they give companies greater control over their private data, hybrid cloud services are strong. A company can store confidential data in a private cloud or local data centre and leverage a managed […]