For Service Providers

UnityOneCloud for Service Providers

Report Analytics always say 93% of customers are not satisfied with the platform which they are using for any software and hardware managing lifecycle.

Sanitized Services is always a top priority of Consumer/User. So, it should be the same to meet the expectations by the Service Providers. Old ways are simple and straightforward, which need a plain and less engagement platform for just overviewing the vouching process. But as the data and connectivity get increasing day by day, the old ways are out of blues.

What would be the real reason? Why the service providers won’t be able to deliver the service to meet or emulate the user’s expectations? There could be many reasons.

  • Maybe the providers would not understand the exact requirements.
  • Maybe the providers will not have the right person in the right place.

The reasons could be innumerable.

All problems require one solution, UnityOneCloud, which is simple, interactive, and rich in features to handle the complex databases, connectivity, & bridge to connect the different software, hardware & many SDLC platforms.

UnityOneCloud helps the service providers to leverage and enhance their services and would be able to deliver in a more secure and simple way. Service providers can provide the platform as a customized dashboard, which helps the customer to understand activity logs as per the requirements.

UnityOneCloud for service providers extensively helps the customers to manage and visually monitor their hardware assets with the heat map graphs, and able to do the health checkups accordingly over the dashboard and via UnityOneCloud, service providers help customers to indicate the what needs to change in the coming future to isolate the failure and without affecting the business continuity service provider would provide smooth services to the customers. UnityOneCloud provides a different security combination to connect the multicloud and manage it from the same dashboard.

UnityOneCloud helps the service provider to provide a niche Multicloud Management platform where customers can manage their entire Private, Public, Data Center, Network, Database, and Device Management with an integrated DevOps Engine to automate the day to day tasks of Multicloud Management with an intuitive way of migration from one cloud to another. 

Providing the best services and getting the satisfied customer review should be prior and best practice for every service provider. UnityOneCloud provides the best pricing tailoring options as per the requirements of the customers.

What stops you from providing the best multicloud management infrastructure platform as a service to your customers, which is intuitive, rich in features, and pocket friendly.

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